About Me

about me

I've been shooting for years with a ciggy between my lips. I usually try to replace the ciggys with anything i can mash, eat or drink. I concluded that every bit of a photographer's body participates to the photography process which engages every muscle and system, even the digestive and respiratory ones.

photography is like a banana. it's yummy and you can do a lot of things with it. you can slip it on too. i enjoy slipping on.

Otherwise, as all artists, i'm not very confortable with self presentations. And as much i like to listen and talk, i prefer communicating through images. And let them do the work for everyone which includes me.

lipton ice tea pentax 645Z

Lips on
eyes tea

Lipton Ice Tea doesn't help take amazing pictures. Sunglasses neither. The 645Z Pentax medium format camera neither. What does help is loving to do it while drinking Ice Tea (peach flavored) held by a stunning and amazing person, while wearing sunglasses and while shooting a Pentax 645Z medium format camera. It's all about the situation isn't it?

Why a photo blog ?

Because it complements the work. Could also do it on paper. But seems more eco-friendly, maybe it isn't, given the amount of sucked eletricity. Same debate for film vs digital , who's the eco-friendly winner? Obviously, a blog serves to reach more people. So if some article here catches up with your interests, feel free to contact the author. about me And i did forget the respiratory system. I do enjoy filling up all the holes. Nothing sexual about it. But as a matter of fact photography deconstructs what's there to take one part and make something out of it. The holes are actually filled up by painters, they got a blank page and have to cover it with paint. I like to stand betwwen the two.

bogdan-mihai dragot

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