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The photoblog adress will become unavailable starting june 2023.
All posts will continue here starting today.

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Rencontres à C s/ S

While wandering around for one of my various urban architectural jobs i was completing for Habiliv, i crossed this man , Hervé, personal dog promeneur @ Carrières sur Seine.

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Bagatelle Gardens in blossom

two women in a flowering park. Shooting David Hamilton style for grown-ups with a lovely 50mm 0.95 lens from the 70's.

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Bucarest 5* junior suite

February is still a very cold month in eastern europe, so renting a night with a hot jacuzzi and a talented painter in the heart of Bucarest, at the ... hotel is always a good idea.

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New blog

This blog will be like a banana. BANANDANCE. you can buy a copy on my online shop (yes i have one, a very buggy one, so actually better send me an email here.)