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is blogging dead ?
who cares if yes or no ? loads of stuff considered "off" are still "on" and ongoing, much of them really alive and developping. Take this example: film photography. Well, Pentax is develloping a new film camera in 2023. We are still using film, new brands and new film factories are making profits. And because so many of us communicate on youtube, social stuff like tiktok, twitter, an sooooo on, doesn't mean all this rain of words and pics won't pass by or won't leave enough space for blogging.

a blog : a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
source: Oxford Dictionary

so now let's talk bananas

bog's blog

yes, it could've been named " bogblog " . yes, many names are punchy , sound cool, may attract more or not. But i don't see the point of spend loads of cash for finding the perfect suitable name. or get stuck for years searching the perfect one. I might spend some one day for a bogstrip fragrance, because i find frangrances cool -> skin talks. i love the smell of a banana, so it will most problably have some banana frangrance in it.


What's so cool about bananas ?

First of all, like all living stuff on earth, bananas emit radioactivity. And as it comes, our domestic parthenocarpic bananas have been chosen to establish the informal unit of measurement of ionizing radiation exposure :
the BED - standing for the Banana Equivalent Dose which is intended as a general educational example to compare a dose of radioactivity to the dose one is exposed to by eating one average-sized banana. For example, the maximum permitted radiation leakage for a nuclear power plant is equivalent to 2,500 BEDs per year, a tomography scan delivers around 70,000 BEDs and a lethal dose of radiation is equivalent to 35,000,000 BED. You get it now, don't stand around or in the middle of or eat 35 million bananas by yourself. For you own safety, better share !

The second great thing about bananas is that for a minute in my life i enjoyed photographing one banana in my photostudio, in 2012. Yes, that happened way before the banana incident you probably heard of through the news channels.

What's so cool about bogstip ?

IMO or from my POV, much about  everything.
stripping = removing all coverings from something or from someone, to strip and tease
tripping = walking, runing, or dancing with quick light steps, a journey, an excursion
bog = obviously, the contracted short form of my full name.

happy reading !

bogdan-mihai dragot

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