Blog migration

The old adress for the blog will become unusable starting soon. Haven't decided the precise date, as i don't like precise dates, hours and all.

There's no loss, there's just transformation. And in this case, design adjustements in order to add text much more easily.

For the sake of www archive, here's what it used to look like ( if you get a 404 error, it surely means it's gone already . deleted . 00000s written all over . ) : screenshot blog

So what's really new about this new adress :

Well, there's a dash. Obviously it's hosted on my main website. Well, this helps to administrate. And post more. Faster acces, more posts. The old site was so annoying. You know those photography sites with black stylish background? Damn sobriety &these purified websites. Cheers to distinctive, diverse and colourfull ones.

Diversity is the way to go so we can reach equilibrium and balance. Diversity is all but deranging chaos. Nature is the best proof for this statement.

There is no genuine beauty in standards nor in singularity. The beauty of singularity is a lure. On the contrary, diversity is what permits evolution.


Oh but wait, what about pointing the old adress to the new one? Let's do that. Okay, old adress still active. Well, this article was really worth writing. Cheers

bogdan-mihai dragot

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